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Study Yoga in India: How to do it Right!

Here is how to plan your trip with advice from yogis with firsthand experience. Coming Soon!

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Independent advice and step-by-step guidance for anyone interested in visiting India to study yoga.

Have you dreamed of going overseas to study yoga in India? Interested in a pilgrimage to the birthplace of yogic practice? How about completing a teachers' training program at accredited schools in India that cost less and provide a more authentic experience than many programs available in the West? These goals are all achievable!

This online course teaches you what you need to know to identify the right yoga programs and plan your trip to India without making common mistakes and without getting overwhelmed.

To create the course, we traveled across India and interviewed a spectrum of yoga teachers and foreign students to seek their advice for you. We visited locations ranging from tiny rural ashrams to beach-side studios to large, well-known yoga institutes and interviewed senior teachers and foreign students. Their insights make up the backbone of this course, and help you understand what it is really like to study yoga in India.

In this course we walk you through simple steps to help you learn about what types of yoga programs are available, help you decide what you want out of your trip and learn essential facts about Indian culture and travel in India.

By the end of the course you will have:

A better understanding of Indian culture as it relates to travel and yoga

An approach to identify yoga teachers and schools that fit your needs

Tools to create a detailed travel plan

Firsthand advice and information from dozens of students and teachers in India

"Anna and Michael: I can’t think of anyone better to offer a course about travel to India than the two of you. Whenever anyone talks about going to India, I brag about how you helped to plan my trip, and I wish I could introduce them to you! Your encouragement made my trip to India so special. In fact, I was daydreaming this week about looking out over the lake in Udaipur, and am pretty tempted by the idea of a yoga retreat to explore another part of India!"

Becky Franklin
Madison, WI

“I have worked with many foreigners over the years, but not one of them knows as much about India as Michael does. With Michael's incredible ability to present everything in an easily comprehensible manner and Anna's years of teaching experience, they should be able to help a lot of people not only see Incredible India for the first time but enable them to understand what they are seeing.”

Harinder Basra
Delhi, India

"Anna is the first non-Indian colleague who befriended me at work over fifteen years ago and has been a pillar of support since then. Her knowledge about yoga is in-depth and her approach to India is one of sensitive understanding. Michael is the perfect host whether in India or the US. Both Anna and Michael have bridged the gap of cultures effortlessly and you cannot be in better hands should you plan a trip to India with them."

Goa, India

"Michael has been one of the best yoga teachers I have had the pleasure to study with, in particular bringing yoga BACK to some of its founding principles (rather than an aerobics-like activity designed to help me lose weight and get tight buns). Michael AND Anna were great travel guides, explaining in advance the hidden little surprises that come when traveling in a new and different culture. My on-ramp into India seemed short and easy, mostly, I presume because of their careful preparation."

Madison, WI

"Anna and Michael are the kind of people that dream of helping others achieve their dreams. With their extensive experience and thoughtful insights, I would trust them 100% to organize my yoga study, vacation, or anything else in India!"

Kristin Olson

Your Instructors

Anna & Michael Marmor
Anna & Michael Marmor

We are Michael Marmor and Anna Marmor, an American husband and wife team who love India and want the process of going there to be a little less overwhelming for those new to this part of the world. Michael is a technology entrepreneur who first came to India in 1999 to open a Hyderabad office for his New York City-based software company. Anna is a Mathematics teacher who taught at international schools in India and Bhutan for more than 12 years. We met on vacation in Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu and were married three years later.

Yoga and meditation have been an important part of our lives for nearly 20 years. Both of us have studied yoga extensively in both India and the US, and both of us are meditation practitioners. We are both asked for advice on travel in India, Indian cooking, yoga, and meditation on a fairly regular basis, and that is the genesis of the online workshops, webinars and courses we have created. We certainly do not have all the answers, but we can generally point you in the right direction. We look forward to getting to know you!

Please feel free to leave us comments within the courses, or reach out to us directly.

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