Thank You!

A great deal of credit for everything you see on these pages goes to our friends and teachers. We are particularly grateful for the support provided by Chintamani Kansas, Gyanmitra Saraswati, Heather Gartside, Krishna Prakash, Lalitha Ganguly, Laura Lawrence, Lisa Schein, Michelle Cagan, Parag Mody, Pranati Pratap, Prashant S. Iyengar, and R. Sriram, who helped us by providing interviews, advice, comments, and inspiration. Thank you! This project would have never gotten off the ground without your kind words and encouragement.

A lot of credit goes to the incredible team at Teachable for not only building a great platform but also creating an environment that inspires people to create. Thanks, Teachable!

We don't remember taking the photo above, but it lives in a folder with other photos we did take. Given the beautiful composition, the only explanation is that it was taken by Matt Feifarek when he was visiting us in India. Thanks, Matt!

We used some wonderful Creative Commons licensed images when building this website. The India and Tourist graphic is by Freepik from Flaticon and is licensed under CC BY 3.0. We made our logo with Logo Maker.